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Mike Baker, Chairman & CEO
Demian Werner, COO & President of Diamond Ambassador Program
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Words from Mike Baker

Maryland - April 9th, 2021 — A year in review, 2020 was a mind numbing year with the challenges of Covid-19 impacting family, friends and businesses across the country. Every aspect of our daily lives have changed but through it all our “little” hobby transformed itself it into a dynamic marketplace, grabbing the attention of collectors around the globe. Some might think launching a new business during this time was the best idea or the worst.

That said, Mike Baker Authenticated (MBA) opened its doors on August 8, 2020 providing certification services high-lighting the best of the best of previously graded product by PSA, SGC and BGS. MBA Silver Diamond, Gold Diamond and the coveted Black Diamond holograms have been placed on millions of dollars worth of sports trading cards. Our first trade show in Chantilly, VA was an unexpected success, having very low expectations about what might or might not happen. As soon as dealers and collectors saw what we were doing, it was like a light bulb litting up like a Christmas tree. We signed up multiple memberships and received almost 200 cards on site, which for us was beyond what we had hoped for, with very little if any marketing headed into the show. Our next trade show was in Dallas, for the Dallas Card Show, and again our expectations were exceeded. The show was busting at the seams with dealers and collectors, it felt like a mini National. This time we received over two hundred cards and the energy and positivity about MBA was audible throughout the show.

Hopefully Covid-19 will subside and more trade shows will open back up so we can continue to introduce MBA to new collectors, elevating the MBA brand and establishing premiums for cards that are exceptional. Hope to see you at a trade show soon!

Mike Baker