Card Certification

Card Certification

Mike Baker Authenticated, LLC. (MBA) boasting almost four decades of professional grading experience, offers consistent and accurate authentication and grading certification.

Rarity and demand are important in determining the value of your trading card but it’s ultimately the condition that affects the value. The centering, corners and overall eye appeal all play a part in determining condition and the grade of the trading card. We take all of these factors into consideration when assigning an MBA certification to a card.

MBA has innovated and developed grading techniques used industry wide and continues to pave the way with our experience. The process of card grading is not an exact science. However, having the most experience in the card grading industry establishes unmatched consistency.

Each card undergoes a comprehensive and thorough 10-point examination. We take pride in providing every client with the confidence to make an informed decision on the purchase of an MBA certified product.

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