Why MBA?

Why a diamond sticker elevates your card from the rest.

  • Ever question why some cards bring more money than others? Well within every grade is a spread from the bottom to the top of the technical grading criteria. Collectors with greater knowledge of the card are at an advantage to obtain cards at better than true market value. MBA certification levels the playing field for all collectors to maximize their collection!
  • Mike Baker, as the founding Director of Grading of PSA, saw a need to highlight the best of the best in the hobby. The three major grading companies have left a lot of interpretation up to the collectors & investors within each numerical grade. Along with each company setting their own standards of grading, the grades do not always reflect the unique individual characteristics, which varies from card set to card set.
  • MBA only awards stickers to PSA, SGC & BGS cards that meet standards for each specific type of card and for today’s selective investors.

Mike has watched grading evolve in the market, from the early days of conception at Professional Sport Authenticator (PSA), to today. He’s determined it’s time for the next step in the evolution of grading, and time for the superior evaluation of the quality within the technical grades. Mike states, “As the best cards in the hobby are mined & highlighted, the natural attraction of the investors will follow”.

An MBA Sticker means:

  • It has been certified, after meeting our strict quality standards
  • MBA Diamond Ambassadors are active bidders and buyers of multiple MBA cards. Currently the Wanted List

MBA stickers are backed by expertise & experience.