Certification Procedures

Card Certification Process

MBA experts examine each trading card using the 10 point procedure listed below:

1) Authenticity:

  • Graded holder shows no signs of tampering
  • Factory issued & not a reprint or counterfeit
  • Cards deemed to be sheet cut, are restricted from receiving a sticker

2) Measurement:

  • Cards will be scanned & recorded
  • Measurement tolerates must be with in 1/100th of inch * All factory measurements & tolerance are available at Card Measurements

3) Alterations:

  • Must be clear and convincing evidence that can be articulated why a card is altered.

4) Centering:

  • Measurement of both front & back centering will be calculated by percentage, from top to bottom & left to right

5) Corner Wear:

  • Fraying, slight touches, creases, wrinkles, bends, chipping and any other type of wear

6) Edges:

  • Fraying, chipping, uneven factory cut, and any other type of edge flaws

7) Surface:

  • Scratches, missing stock, wrinkles, creases and any other surface problems

8) Staining:

  • Gum, water, tobacco, wax or any other type of stain

9) Print defects:

  • Factory print defects, print flaws impact the overall eye appeal of the card with white “snow” or print dots and where its located

10) Overall eye appeal:

  • Determine if the card has superior eye appeal
  • Issue final sticker level

The grading information of each card is recorded into the MBA database. The database information is available on our company website at Certification Check.